Metal Myths


MYTH: "A metal roof makes the house hotter in the summer"

Metal roofs actually reflect the sun’s heat, which helps keep the interior cooler. According to the Solar-Energy Center, metal roofs reduce attic heat-gain by up to 40% during summer months.


MYTH: "A metal roof is noisier than a shingle roof."

Metal roofs are often installed over asphalt roofs, which aids in noise-reduction. However, when solid sheathing is installed as well, metal roofs are generally quieter- even during rain and hail storms.


MYTH: "Metal roofs attract lightning"

Although metal roofs can conduct electricity, they don’t attract lightning. In fact, because they are not combustible, they’re often a safer choice than materials like wood.


MYTH: "Metal roofing rusts easily"

Weather Guard steel roofing systems contain zinc or a mixture of aluminum and zinc. After this, they also receive several coats of paint, which looks great and provides further protection from the elements.


MYTH: "Metal roofing systems are way more expensive."

The up-front cost is more for a metal roofing system, but over time a shingle roof will cost many times more than a metal roof in repair and replacement costs. This is because a metal roof will last 50 years. The energy-efficiency of a metal roof saves on utility bills, plus you may be able to take advantage of tax credits and lower insurance premiums to save even more cash.